We are proud to partner with
Employment Innovations and Employment Hero.

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Together, our purpose is to free your time, increase HR compliance & mitigate risk.


Employment Innovations (EI) is a leading employment solutions provider, specialising in workplace advice, compliance, employment law, human resources, and payroll. As a Certified Partner of EI, we can act as an extension of your business, providing you with HR and payroll support.

Employment Innovations will also integrate these services with cloud-based software, brought to you by Employment Hero.

Employment Hero automates traditionally time-intensive HR and payroll tasks while providing your business with a comprehensive suite of compliant contacts, policies and HR documents.

In collaboration with Employment Innovations and Employment Hero, Key Compliance Bookkeeping supports you with practical, evidence-based advice, plus access to a library of HR documents helping you make more informed decisions around your businesses bookkeeping and HR compliance. Know more about Employment Hero here.


How can this software make a difference to your HR?



Save time


Stay organised


Stay on budget


Save money


Xero / Employment Hero Integration

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One-click sync

One-click payroll integration means that in a few moments, information is directly synced with your Xero account. Once connected, Employment Hero will automate administrative, transactional HR tasks and free up valuable time for businesses.

Reduce double-data entry

Your employees can self-manage aspects of their employee files (with our employee self service, also known as ESS), while keeping Xero up-to-date.

Leave management

Employees can submit leave in Employment Hero, which will push this data through to Xero to amend their leave balance and ensure they’re paid correctly in the next payrun.

Ongoing development

Employment Hero and Xero work together to strengthen the integration between the two platforms. Employment Hero regularly releases new functions for Xero customers and will continue to do so.

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